Andy Greenberg


Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, has his own venture capital firm, which has made more than 63 investments so far. Serena also has her own venture capital firm called Serena Ventures. Alexis recently used her Twitter account to share a post from an interview with Forbes: “We don’t need multiple companies giving out $ 10 billion.

We need a lot of small venture capital firms giving out $ 100 million. That.” translates into greater choice for entrepreneurs.” Alexis titled the post with Rise of the Titans. aiming that this is what people need.

Notably, the co-founder of Reddit also took part in the interview, as he owns a venture capital firm to help young companies grow. Between 2010 and 2011, Ohanian publicly ruled against the US Congress’s Stop Online Piracy Act and the US Senate PROTECT IP Act, sparking a public debate on the Internet that ultimately led to the withdrawal of the two bills.

He has since become a leading spokesperson for the campaign for an open internet in the US. Following his propaganda, The Daily Dot placed him at the top of its list of the ten most influential activists of 2012. Andy Greenberg of Forbes magazine called him the mayor of the internet.

Ohanian submitted the site to the start-up accelerator Y-Combinator in the summer of 2005, which placed it in its first group of companies to invest in; already in 2006 it was acquired by the American publishing house Condé Nast Publications for an unspecified amount, between ten and twenty million US dollars.

In 2007 he formed the social enterprise Breadpig, which produces and markets geeky merchadising whose proceeds are donated to charity. After leaving Reddit’s operations management in 2010, while remaining a member of the board of directors, Ohanian has been involved in micro-credit working in Yemen on behalf of Kiva.

In 2010, Ohanian helped launch Hipmunk, a travel metasearch engine that ceased in January 2020. In 2011, Ohanian and Garry Tan co-founded the investment firm Initialized Capital: one of the first funds to invest in Coinbase.

cryptocurrency investment platform. From 2010 to 2016 Ohanian worked with Y Combinator, holding the role of general representative on the East Coast of the United States.