NFL fans know that ‘Sunday Night Football’ is about to kick off every week when they hear country music superstar Carrie Underwood’s voice. Prior to every kick-off, she sings ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.’

Since 2013, Underwood has performed the iconic song, hyping up NFL fans for the final game of the day. The song includes a short video with glimpses of some of the top players in the NFL. Fellow country music star Faith Hill performed the ‘Sunday Night Football’ song before Underwood was hired to do so.

Now in her tenth season as the “Sunday NIght Football” performer, some have wondered how much the Grammy award-winning artist will be paid. According to AllSportsFaq.com, she is paid approximately $1 million each week. therefore, she totals about $18 million a season for her performances. As the winningest country music artist of all time, there is clearly a big price tag to have her represent the sport.

Before the start of the 2022 NFL season, the singer posted a photo of each of her ten seasons thus far. She displayed the changes that have been made each campaign and encouraged fans to continue watching.

As the song and video continue to change throughout the years, it appears that fans still love what she brings. She seems set to be a staple for the weekly show for years to come.

Who is Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher?

Carrie Underwood has been married to Mike Fisher since July 2010. The country music star met the former NHL player in 2008 at one of her shows. They got engaged in 2009 and married just about a year later.

Fisher, who officially retired from the NHL in 2018, was selected by the Ottawa Senators in the 1998 NHL Draft. He played for the Senators from1999 until 2011 when he was traded to the Nashville Predators.

He was named the Predators team captain in September 2016 and announced his initial retirement in 2017. In 2018 he announced that he would return to the team to help make another run at the Stanley Cup. The Predators were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs and Fisher announced just days later that he was officially retiring.

Fisher and Underwood have two sons: seven-year-old Isaiah and three-year-old Jacob.

LEWIS HAMILTON may have to wait for F1’s long-awaited return to South Africa.

Yewti- Lewis Hamilton has been dealt a blow regarding his wish to see F1 incorporate South Africa into the calendar, with main sponsors DHL playing down reports that it could be part of the global circuit in 2023. The sport has not stopped off in South Africa for 29 years, and fans may have to wait even longer despite a series of hints over the past few months.

Reports emerged in June suggesting that F1 authorities were on the verge of signing a deal to host a race at South Africa’s Kyalami circuit, which has not hosted an F1 Grand Prix since 1993. The venue can hold approximately 100,000 spectators, and it is believed that only minor tweaks would be required to meet safety standards.

Lewis Hamilton openly discussed his desire for the sport to visit ‘the motherland’, stating: “The place that I really feel is dear to my heart and most important to get a race back is in South Africa. There is a great following out there and I think it would be great to be able to highlight just how beautiful the motherland is.”

Lewis Hamilton

But DHL – the official logistics partner for Formula 1, released the following statement: “The calendar for 2023 has not yet been announced and speculation around the race is nothing more than that.”

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is believed to have flown straight from Azerbaijan to South Africa for talks last month amid rumours that it could be added to the schedule as early as 2023. Nothing concrete has emerged yet, however, despite Domenicali’s admissions of interest at various points throughout the year.

“On top of America, on top of China, there is a potential to be in Africa soon. There is a lot of interest there,” he said. “That’s an area that so far is missing in the geography of our calendar.

“It is up to us to try to find the right balance between the historical values of the old and famous European tracks and other destinations across the world. Various promoters have expiring agreements, and some of the current grands prix will probably no longer be part of the calendar.”

Grand Prix in France, China and Belgium are all thought to be under threat beyond the end of this season.

In a January interview with SPORT1, Domenicali added: “The US is important to us and we are working hard to make Miami a success in 2022. The other region that we shouldn’t underestimate is the Far East, especially with Guanyu Zhou, who now drives for Alfa Romeo.

“Interest from China is growing, which is why the region will also move into our focus. A comeback in Africa – whether in the north or south – would be great. How quickly this works will also depend on the situation around Covid, We must not continue to underestimate the corona pandemic. We could also have to adjust the calendar again in 2022.”

The update from DHL is not clear evidence that the talks have fallen flat, but perhaps fans may interpret that things are not as advanced as it had been made out in recent weeks. Kayalami hosted F1 races for nearly two decades between 1967 and 1985, and then two more in the early 1990s.