More than two decades after exploding to the scene, Tiger Woods continued to be one of the highest paid athletes in sports.

Tiger woods

Although he has spent most of the last 18 months out of the game through injury, the 15-time major winner has still earned a huge amount of money.

That is mostly down to the lucrative endorsement deals he has signed with various brands.

But with his huge pay packet comes a massive amount of tax, and it turns out he is among the most-taxed athletes on the planet.

According to a study carried out by Bookies.com, Woods paid nearly $65,000 in tax PER DAY based on his 2021 earnings.

He produced around $ 60 million last year’s revenue, and around $ 23.6 million was taxed.

Tiger Woods paid the ninth-highest amount of tax of any athlete last year. Basketball star LeBron James topped the list, forking out around $51 million.

However, that is not all bad news for Woods, because he is still left with more than $ 34 million even after sending a check to the tax officer.

That made him the fifth-highest-earning athlete last year after tax.