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Last month Barty made headlines again for a notable sporting achievement, always winning on grass, this time on a golf course in her home tournament in Brookwater, Queensland, and taking home a hefty check. A few days ago the news came that she will participate in a team tournament that will be played in the United States this summer, together with other sports stars such as the captain of the English football team Harry Kane, the Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola , boxer Canelo Alvarez.

Tiger woods Ashleigh Barty

After announcing a series of children’s books, Barty was more busy than before.

Tiger Woods and Ashleigh Barty
Ash Barty a few weeks ago surprised the whole world of sports by announcing his retirement from tennis, regardless of the fact that he was the champion of Wimbledon and Australian Open.

Tiger woods

So at just 25 years old, the now former number 1 in the world of women’s tennis, could you try your hand at professional golf? Barty in February 2021 told the Australian Golf Digest that she is a fanatic of the sport and she is quite good too.

On one occasion he even impressed Tiger Woods too. In the 2019 Presidential Cup held in Australia, in his native land, Barty was invited to open the event and after a few swings, Tiger Woods really liked what he saw. “Are we kidding? He has a beautiful swing!

Tiger woods Ashleigh Barty

” After Covid-19 stopped tennis tournaments, along with almost everything else, a few months later Barty used her time to regain confidence in golf. She drastically lowered her handicap from 10 to 4 and won the annual women’s championship at Brookwater Golf & Country club.

However, his love for the golf returned for a long time. “My father Robert is a very good golfer,” Barty told Australian Golf Digest. “As an amateur, he really represents Australia so he thinks of college to start the path that will make him a professional, but in the end he can’t.”

“He then decided to stop golf and stayed at home and never touched the club for 20 years, while I played in a park with any old club I could find. Then, once I stopped playing tennis for a while, I had the opportunity to play a little more golf and, involving my father, we started playing together …

I think that was the moment when I fell in love with golf for good. Golf has always been a sport that comes very naturally to me, I mean, my mother was also a very good golfer and her whole family liked to play golf … in fact, come to think of it, if there is a sport that is in the genes of the Bartys is probably golf, even more than tennis!”