Lewis Hamilton ranks sixth in all-time F1 fines with Max Verstappen close behind.

Lewis Hamilton ranks joint-sixth alongside Romain Grosjean for total penalty fines in F1 since 2011, with Max Verstappen narrowly behind in 10th. Meanwhile, Verstappen’s team-mate Sergio Perez ranks second, and Aston Martin duo Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll also make the top 10.

Teams and drivers must stick to plenty rules and regulations in the world of F1 for both safety and fairness reasons. But drivers accidentally or purposely don’t adhere to them from time to time. And considering they compete in one of the world’s most expensive sports, the punishments are just as gut-wrenching.

Money.co.uk has collected data between the 2011 and 2021 seasons to discover which drivers cost their teams the most money by receiving fines. And despite only racing until 2015, Pastor Maldonado has racked up the most extortionate fine bill worth a staggering £110,200 from three separate offences.

Lewis Hamilton

Kimi Raikkonen has been the most notorious offender across the last decade, receiving fines on 11 different occasions. However, his 349 race starts, significantly more than any other name on the list, meaning he averaged 32 races per offence. On the contrary, Felipe Massa was most likely to commit an offence in the cockpit, averaging one every eight races.

Jean-Eric Vergne, Kamui Kobayashi and Vettel all rank higher than Hamilton in terms of total penalty fines paid. The 37-year-old’s penalised actions have accumulated £55,100, with each of his four offences worth £13,800 on average. Given that he has started 288 Grand Prix in his illustrious career, his fines have cost £191.27 per race.

But fines aren’t common with Hamilton, racing on 72 different occasions between each on average. In comparison, Verstappen has paid £42,600 for just two offences across 141 races, averaging £21,300 each. The Dutch world champion’s offences are slightly more standard than his 2021 rival (70.5 races per fine), but given he’s raced in fewer Grand Prix, his fines have cost Red Bull £302.55 per outing.

£42,400 of Verstappen’s total penalty fines came in his title-winning season last year, the same fee as Hamilton accrued. Although his fine came from one offence, the Mercedes star committed two. Throughout the 2021 campaign, 17 of the 24 penalties handed out were due to pit lane speeding, making it the most common offence on the grid.

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Highest total of penalty fines in F1 (2011-2021):

1. Pastor Maldonado – £110,200

2. Sergio Perez – £95,900

3. Jean-Eric Vergne – £63,600

4. Kamui Kobayashi – £58,700

5. Sebastian Vettel – £55,400

=6. Lewis Hamilton – £55,100

=6 Romain Grosjean – £55,100

8. Lance Stroll – £51,500

9. Kimi Raikkonen – £50,800

10. Max Verstappen – £42,600